about me

name: alexandra
AKA: alex, kate
discord: xandra#1337
escargot MSN: xandra@escargot.chat
neocities profile: xandra
spacehey profile: xandrax
yesterweb mastodon: @xandra
birthday: january 15
hometown: memphis, tn
current residence: san francisco
'big three' star signs: capricorn sun, capricorn moon, cancer rising
chinese zodiac: horse
identifies as: queer, bisexual
education: master's degree
profession: web content manager, web developer
average wpm: 127
nationality: american
name meaning: defender of man
interests: video games, traveling, coding, writing, metaphysics and philosophy, space, alternative socioeconomic systems, quantum physics, learning for learning's sake, cottagecore, collectibles, reading, internet culture, filmhouse cinema, deep conversations, tea

personality types

self-knowledge traits: ambition, rationality, authority, sensitivity
primal astrology: salmon
archetypes: 47% intellectual, 29% visionary, 24% spiritual
temperament: choleric/sanguine
herbs: reishi, hibiscus, & raspberry leaf
16personalities: intj-t (the turbulent architect)
r drive: intellect
alignment: chaotic good
animal: fox
rheti: type 8
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