art gallery

you stroll through the museum and stumble upon the art gallery, a seemingly later addition to the museum, as you step from the marble of the museum floor to the hardwood flooring of the gallery. the foyer's high ceilings, at least two stories high, are flanked with red fabric wallpaper leading into the crown molding. depending on the direction, you can venture into different themes. inside each room, there's a bench in the center of the space, beckoning you. what would you like to see first?

abstract alley

a black industrial sign with text punched out of the background points you toward abstract alley. a supplemental sign, printed in helvetica with plenty of white space details the current exhibition: nob hill abstracts, a series of abstract paintings completed in 2020 and 2021.

the travel photography suite

there's a humble, engraved wooden sign outside of the photography suite, providing some additional information about the current exhibition: landscapes and street photography in london and oxford, uk, taken during a trip in 2021.