yum-yum shoppe

lively noise of plates clinking and people talking fill the hallway as you near the cafe, an apparent franchise within the museum. its branding of yum-yum shoppe tastefully hangs above an entryway into a room ceiling-to-floor in light hardwood. you hear an espresso machine punctuated by the shrill of steam as you see a menu behind the counter. industrial wood and metal tables, softened with carnations in the center, dot throughout the cafe, allowing for panoramic views outside directly toward a rocky cliff. in moments of quiet in the cafe, you can hear waves crash against the bottoms of the windows.

a barista turns to see you walk in and calls out with a grin: "welcome to the yum-yum shoppe at the museum of alexandra! please purchase something from us today. if you do, you must link back this site in your cart next to the item you purchased from us. if you have any coupons, questions, or comments, please drop a note so that we can satisfy your need. thank you for shopping, come again!"

we apologize for the inconvenience,
but the shoppe's system is down.
please come back another time,
and we will be happy to serve you.

my shopping cart

on your way out, a green shopping cart sits on the floor near the exit; its owner, somewhere but not here. you can't help but take a peek as you stroll by.

[x] item description purchased from
empura shrimp
(sumikko gurashi)
melon soda cinni
peach soda cinni
strawberry ice cream under the umbrella
orange sherbet ice cream under the umbrella
blueberry ice cream cake lissy
chocolate chip cookie lissy
rainbow (funfetti) cookie lissy
canditoast shell
chocolate milkshake shell
flan shell
root beer key
raw avocado key
muffin marcia
cherry lip gloss kelly
chocolate dipping dots ricki
peach (momo!) phoebe
berry blast ice cream gabby

the yum-yum shoppe is a pixel clique that was revived by cinni! start your own yum-yum shoppe like this one and help grow the pixeling side of the internet. :)