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charm bracelets

while strolling through a stone-arched hallway in a wing of the museum, you stumble upon a box on the shelves that line the walls. on the front of the box, written in gold text, are the words: charm bracelets. completely unprotected and laying in wait, this box sits among many, some with other labeling, some without any decor or ornaments at all. you've somehow found the museum's charm bracelet collection in a humble pile.

charm bracelets is a pixel club of a collection of charms joined together with individual charms created by other folks in the pixel clique.

charm bracelets are a type of bracelet that carry small trinkets or ornaments (called "charms"). throughout history, charm bracelets have been used to ward off evil spirits and bad luck, celebrate faith and deities, protect themselves, and make a fashion statement. shells might have been used to adorn bracelets 75,000 years ago as an early form of a charm bracelet. queen victoria in england made it particularly popular among aristrocrats, even fashioning "mourning" charms after her beloved prince albert died.

my charm bracelets

my charm

want to add my charms to your bracelet? don't forget to link back and provide this alt text with the image in your chain!

alt text: A charm of baubles with garnet inside and XANDRA hanging underneath