a plain white marble door is partially propped open already, and you push the rest of the way open. before you, a vestibule of all glass leads into a later addition to the museum, light hardwood flooring brightened by the sun above you; these additions appear much more modern and minimalist than the rest of the classically styled museum. as you continue through the hallway, you notice the vines of cherry blossoms wrapped around the metal underworkings of the vestibule, as if it was clawing its way closer to the light. a metal door opens to an atrium wing with large, clear boxes with collections. affixed to each box showcasing a hobby of the curator's life, serif text on white cardstock.


i began my quest for thock in december 2022. i ended up creating what are called "creamy" builds, but i'm pretty happy with my collection so far. hover over the nickname to see a photo.

nickname case switches keycaps mods
whiteout akko pro 75% gateron milky yellows lubed & filmed with krytox 205g0, krytox 105, durock switch films POM jelly sugarcubes tape mod, cotton throughout case
softie rk white 90% akko cream yellows, stock hyekit marshmallows tape mod, cotton throughout case
pretty in pink gmmk 2 96% glorious lynx, factory lubed POM jelly lavenders none
ocean blues dareu a98 96% novelkeys creams, 520k actuations, lubed with krytox 205g0, krytox 105, durock springs swapped glorious pbt ocean gradients tape mod

roller skates

i've been roller skating since i was little — at least 11 years old! i've gotten back into it as an adult, especially outside in the many parks that san francisco has to offer. and thanks to recent developments in the city (including a car-free thoroughfare that goes through golden gate park), i'm able to enjoy even surfaces rather than skating and dodging potholes.

i feel lucky to be living in san francisco, since there's a huge skating community here. i plan to include my roller skate collection here as i acquire it.


it's my dream to have a library eventually, complete with the rolling ladder that belle romanticized for me. i have a variety of genres and collections already, encompassing a wide variety of subjects: space, medieval european history, policing in america, content analysis, biographies, italian history, technology, science fiction, and others.

i plan to categorize and inventory my books to publish here.


item dates to provenance
shepherd's crook 1700s hand-crafted. passed down to my father through each generation. our ancestors used it to herd sheep in sicily.
rolleiflex automat model 3 camera 1950s passed down to my father by my grandfather. he was a photojournalist and used this camera extensively.
revere 8 model B-61 camera 1950s 8mm magazine camera. passed down to my father by my grandfather. he recorded newsreel footage in his journalism career.
empire aristocrat typewriter 1959 a very thoughtful gift from a friend for my birthday. i've written prose and poetry on it, and its travel case makes easy transport.