for you

rows of shelves line the walls of this regally-wallpapered room, gold trimmings gracing the edges of white crown molding encircling the ceiling. lights bounce off walls to show delightful giftboxes, wrapped in metallic papers of all colors. on each of the boxes, a cartoonishly large pricetag labeled FREE dangles next to an artist's rendition of what is inside. under each row, a short description of each gift is neatly written on a blank white notecard. it appears this room is full of free gifts for you, the visitor of this museum.


desktop dream


i wanted to make a layout that was versatile, clean, and had elements of classic computing GUIs that would be easy to customize. feel free to change the palette to your heart's content. included in the html file is the CSS — easy, and you're good to go! there are no custom fonts or additional scripts, so all you have to do is copy the code below. don't forget to credit!