try exploring somewhere new!

important reads

web3 is going just great, a timeline
the internet has changed, manifesto by the creator of the yesterweb
let's crush capitalism, an incredibly thorough anti-capitalism resource
say no to web3

cool yesterweb fun

wiby, a search engine of the retro web
the textfile directory, an archive of old text files around the web
yesterweb radio, community-run internet radio
a new session, a telnet zine


sci-hub, mass & public access to research papers
space ethics syllabus, a 2017 syllabus from new mexico state university
dr. kelly c. smith, space ethicist and professor
socialist studies, pamphlets from the splintered socialist party of great britain
project gutenberg, over 60,000 free books
a course in consciousness, a metaphysics course on
an eclectic library, unusual books online

internet/web resources

project gemini, a new internet protocol
alternative internet, a collection of decentralized internet resources
fontspring, worry-free fonts
image color picker, easy hex codes from images and palettes
yesterlinks, a directory of interesting links on the internet

blogs i enjoy

jamie zawinski
broke ass stuart