as of: march 8, 2023

this is meant to be a page to fill you in on what i'm focusing on lately. you should make your own on your own site.

watching: the h3 podcast

reading: jazz poems, compiled by kevin young

writing: travel essays

playing: project zomboid on steam

developing: final europe plans

making: updates to

learning: foundations of humane technology & career specialization courses

feeling: weirdly calm about being unemployed

remembering: what routine made me feel actually human

interested in: building up the personal and independent web

current desk

featuring ocean blues

current digital presence

here is a collection of where i hang out or pop in and out of online these days.

current discords: the 32-bit cafe (18+) & [REDACTED] post-layoffs

mastodon instance: xandra

furcadia: kilana

forums: melonland