video game ratings

an archway made of marble leads you into an all-white room with greco-roman features. pillars stretch up and elongate the room's already tall ceilings, which give room for a central atrium. smaller pillars are scattered throughout the room, acting as display cases of sorts; each topped with items that symbolize a video game that has touched the curator's life. a label shares a short opinion or thought about each game.


high rise [ app store ]

cute matching puzzles with a tall twist.

kingdom: new lands [ app store ]

difficult, but worth it. simple controls but hard to master.

oregon trail [ app store ]

an updated classic that does the original game justice, but it can get repetitive after a while.

wurdweb [ app store ]

a crossword puzzle game with a twist and cute characters, to boot.

wylde flowers [ app store ]

stardew valley but with magic. the writing is funny, and the characters come to life.


anno 1800 [ steam]

a legendary city-builder focused in the industrial age with logistics, diplomacy, and variety.

citizen sleeper [ steam]

this futuristic turn-based space narrative has refreshing mechanics as you race to complete objectives.

civilization vi [ steam ]

learning curve can be steep, but worth it for history and geopolitics fans.

coffee talk [ steam ]

an incredibly written coffee shop simulator. rip to the writer, mohammad fahmi hasni.

cyberpunk 2077 [ steam ]

a must-play for cyberpunk genre fans; an immersive, incredible setting with a world-class storyline.

disney dreamlight valley [ steam ]

an surprisingly addictive, early access animal crossing-stardew valley mash-up with disney characters.

do not feed the monkeys [ steam ]

full of surprises, especially surrounding the choices you make.

dwarrows [ steam ]

relax while you build your town with the help of three unique characters.

hypnospace outlaw [ steam ]

a nostalgic mystery wrapped into a browser simulation ui. simple mechanics, incredible writing.

lake [ steam ]

a short, cozy choice-driven narrative, choosing between a small town and the big city.

my time at portia [ steam ]

adorable escape into this incredible, narrative-driven world.

red dead online [ steam ]

not a lot to do, but riding horses in the old west is a treat.

stardew valley [ steam ]

an instant classic on release. a farming sim that captures your heart.

norco [ steam ]

a surrealist point and click adventure with southern louisiana charm.

no umbrellas allowed [ steam ]

a pawn shop simulator with a dystopian backdrop and incredible story.

pentiment [ steam ]

an incredible concept, executed beautifully; a must-play for art lovers and medieval history buffs.

pulsar lost colony [ steam ]

grab some friends and assume cooperative roles on a spaceship; you won't get enough.