an archway made of marble leads you into an all-grey room with greco-roman features. pillars stretch up and elongate the room's already tall ceilings, which give room for a central atrium. smaller pillars are scattered throughout the room, acting as display cases of sorts; each topped with items that symbolize a book that has touched the curator's life. a label shares a short opinion or thought about each book.


kushiel's dart by jacqueline carey [ storygraph ]

an incredibly long, stereotypical fantasy novel with its 'real' appeal coming from its graphic bdsm elements.

the invisible life of addie larue by v.e. schwab [ storygraph ]

a stunning story about girl who makes a deal with the devil.

the midnight library by matt haig [ storygraph ]

will change the way you think about your choices and regret.


something deeply hidden by sean carroll [ storygraph ]

not an introduction to quantum mechanics; the many-worlds interpretation is a tall order for beginners.

the ethics of identity by kwame anthony appiah [ storygraph ]

an academic look at the intersection of identity and how it plays into our autonomy.

liberation square by ashraf khalil [ storygraph ]

retelling the 2011 egyptian revolution from the perspective of an egyptian-american journalist.