tv shows & movies

an archway made of marble leads you into an all-blue room with greco-roman features. pillars stretch up and elongate the room's already tall ceilings, which give room for a central atrium. smaller pillars are scattered throughout the room, acting as display cases of sorts; each topped with items that symbolize a movie or tv show that has touched the curator's life. a label shares a short opinion or thought about each media.

tv shows

bridgerton [ imdb ]

colorful and bright romance series with an amazing cast. in shonda i trust.

the crown [ imdb ]

a dubious account of the british queen's seasons of her life thus far, but still incredibly well-acted and presented with britain's living greats.

euphoria [ imdb ]

a shockingly relatable show for those of us with messed up teen years. frequent breaks needed.

lucifer [ imdb ]

witty, irreverent series centering around the devil's new life on earth.


american psycho [ imdb ]

this will haunt you long after the movie; the kills are not as scary as bateman himself.

citizen kane [ imdb ]

on top of being one of the greatest films, this is a great journalism movie, being based on william randolph hearst.

his girl friday [ imdb ]

feminism, journalism, and a bit of one-upmanship make this one of my favorite movies of all time.

knives out [ imdb ]

an eccentric mystery film that doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. a good romp.