the safonts webring

last updated: september 20, 2023
members: 43

hey there, space cowboy.

you look like you might know a thing or two about fonts. maybe you've designed your personal website around a particular font you enjoy. or maybe your website has major design elements as text or fonts. well, if that sounds like you...

oh, it does, huh? well, i didn't know any better, i'd say you were a lover of text. a typeface treasurer. a font savant. well, 'round here, we have a name for cats like you: safonts.

what is this, anyway?

this is a webring! a webring is a collection of websites made by like-minded folks, usually centered around a topic, aesthetic, or common interest. in this case, this is a list of personal websites that feature fonts and text as main design elements and/or as a featured part of their layout, either past or present.

maybe you love particular fonts or you just prefer having minimalist layouts—regardless of reason, you're likely a safont!

no, seriously, what's a safont?

only if you promise not to tell...

it's technically a portmanteau of "font savant," and meant to sound a bit like the word "savant" on its own. (big thanks to grey for helping me come up with it.)