afternoon tea

you walk past the museum cafe into a conservatory lined with fresh leafy greens and vines of all shapes and sizes. illuminated from the sun, white stone tables are spread out throughout the room with three-tier trays sitting atop each, waiting for finger sandwiches and scones. each table seems to have a wonderful view of the expansive garden. birds chirp as the background soundtrack to this lush secret garden of the museum. on empty tables, a menu is laid out with, instead of names of teas, the flavor experienced in consuming the tea.

the afternoon tea pixel club is an homage to teahouse MB, a message board i was a member of a long time ago. lost letters has revived the original pixel clique, and i've begun collecting teacups, which will continue to grow in number here.

afternoon tea menu

click on any teacup to experience being transported to a different world!

tastes like strawberry shortcake tastes like iced tea
tastes like lemon rose tastes like lavender & arsenic
tastes like chocolate & whipped cream tastes like savory succulents
tastes like heaven tastes like pineapple
tastes like the vastness of space tastes like strawberry black tea
tastes like pan pride tastes like chicken soup
tastes like strawberry medicine tastes like strawberry milkshake
tastes like surprise tastes like the alchemical essence of the Sun
tastes like beer tastes like broken hearts
tastes like dandelion wishes tastes a bit earthy
tastes like crisp air and shimmering starlight tastes like it was reheated in the microwave and forgotten a second time
tastes like shadow, goo and... something else? tastes like cherry cream

my teacup

if you'd like to add my tea to your collection, feel free to use my teacup with the suggested alt text below, and be sure to let me know so i can add yours!

tastes like broken hearts
tastes like broken hearts - made by xandra