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about the museum

the museum of alexandra was founded in november 2021 after a spike of virality put a ping on my radar: spacehey, an independently created retro myspace clone, is in the throes of revival. news was spreading on social media about the site, and i noticed a general feeling by other users, one that i had also been feeling for a while: man, what happened to the internet for us? not just living within the same five bookmarks online.

after discovering the yesterweb community through spacehey's group system as the "reclaiming the internet" group, i found neocities, a free webhost with a built-in community of folks making personal websites. though i have other domains and hosting i could rely on, i chose to be part of the neocities network for the museum of alexandra. i hadn't built a personal site since 2009, and all of my web projects after that point were work- or career-related as i tried to monetize my skills as much as i could in the middle of a global recession. i've always tried to maintain a presence online, but of course, omitting some of my favorite parts of my interests to make sure i maintained professionalism online.

this museum allows me to fully express my thoughts and creativity, and i appreciate your indulgence; as someone with adhd and ptsd, this allows me to freely explore themes that could be heavy to some folks. the name may sound like an exercise in narcissism, but this is merely a collection of works, ranging in media like pixel art, photography, abstract acrylic painting, essays, and code snippets. unless disclosed obviously and clearly, all work here is made by me, alexandra, the curator of this museum. this place exists in order to hold all of my personal interests, projects, and non-work related crafts here.

if you have thoughts about the museum, feel free to reach out or sign my guestbook. analysis is always welcome of my work.