travel essays

deep within the essay archives, you navigate through rows and rows of shelves with bound books, covering a variety of topics. you spot rolling ladders throughout the archive, seemingly separating each section. in the center of one section, surrounded by bound journals of travel essays, you find a terminal with a lone green-glass lamp shining on its keys. dust lightly covers the surface, but after wiping the screen with your hand, you can read the glow illuminating the black screen: rows of text—names of '70s, '80s, and '90s songs—alongside what appears to be dates. which one do you select first?

dec. 19, 2022 i wanna dance with somebody

sept. 21, 2022 let it be

jul. 31, 2022 truly madly deeply

mar. 27, 2022 radar love

jan. 18, 2022 don't go breaking my heart

nov. 28, 2021 hooked on a feeling