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june 3, 2023 welcome to version 4! some exhibits have been redone, so if you see any construction or errors, please drop a line to the curator. hopefully, the museum should be easier to navigate. some very cool exhibits are coming to the museum, so i hope you'll check back.

may 30, 2023 added the afternoon tea page and rearranged some navigation items. the amazon pamphlet is now under links.

may 29, 2023 added entry to the 32-bit cafe's pride zine: pride '23. added a new pixel clique charm bracelets. updated the now page.

april 8, 2023 added my vintage typewriter to the collections page. updated the now, button wall, and projects pages. some new adoptables have joined the pasture.

march 21, 2023 updated the spring '23 page for the spring event over at the 32-bit cafe

march 8, 2023 made some fixes throughout the museum, added the 32-bit cafe to projects, and updated the now page. a new wing has been added to the art gallery.

feb. 28, 2023 added an overdue travel essay

feb. 9, 2023 added collections, new videos to life snapshots, the now page has been updated, and an empty exhibit labeled "spring '23" has appeared. some new video game ratings have also been added.

jan. 3, 2023 added some additional resources to links

dec. 31, 2022 added a new gift from cinni and a very-overdue travel essay written in september - happy new year!

dec. 12, 2022 brand new layout available for you & new buttons!

dec. 11, 2022 added quite a few buttons & a couple of new game ratings

nov. 27, 2022 the cbox has returned to the reception desk!

nov. 26, 2022 new content has been added throughout the museum! a now page will keep you posted as to what i'm up to lately, projects have been updated, a complete-as-possible history of my past websites, and a glass case with a smartphone inside displays some snapshots of my life so far this year.

nov. 6, 2022 welcome to version 3!

oct. 29, 2022 added new books to the cultural exhibit

oct. 27, 2022 a spooky halloween collection has opened, full of tricks and treats!

oct. 1, 2022 new trinkets have appeared on top of previously empty pillars in the cultural exhibits

july 31, 2022 added another travel essay for the archives

june 1, 2022 added some pixel friends to the adoption pavilion!

may 1, 2022 ☭ happy international worker's day! ☭ the museum cafe (under explore) is open for browsing but no shopping quite yet, but pixels will be on the way soon!

apr. 30, 2022 the cultural exhibits are now available for browsing with an intimate collection of initial works. the button wall was also updated with some new yesterweb neighbors. the safonts webring, a webring for text-heavy and font-featuring layouts, launched over the weekend, so be sure to check it out.

apr. 24, 2022 version 2 has arrived! hope y'all enjoy the new look of things around here. there's also a new travel essay.

mar. 17, 2022 spring is here, so bye snow! swapped out some buttons on the button wall. keep your eye out for a new layout coming soon!

jan. 30, 2022 added the museum donations (under explore) page to store gifts the curator has received! (thank you to aisha for the first birthday gift to go there!)

jan. 29, 2022 added an abstract art exhibit to the gallery

jan. 18, 2022 added a travel essay to the archives

jan. 14, 2022 added rose dryad's early birthday present as a way to link to me, added to the adoption pavilion

jan. 10, 2022 added the adoption pavilion

jan. 9, 2022 small grammatical changes and additional syntax added to different parts of the site, bug fixes (found one?), added the about the museum page, and added buttons to my button wall

jan. 5, 2022 added my translation project to projects page

jan. 3, 2022 added the projects page, added alt text to the art gallery, added the links page, moar buttons on the button wall, and added teeny tower residents

jan. 2, 2022 happy new year! added links page, added new buttons to the button wall, added new units to the teeny tower

dec. 30, 2021 added the wall of text writing gallery with its first addition

dec. 23, 2021 added teeny towers

dec. 4, 2021 added new personality test and quizzes results in about me, updated button wall

dec. 3, 2021 added snow feature (day 1 present from spacehey advent calendar), the jellyworld ring, repositioned the yesterweb ring, added buttons to the button wall

nov 30, 2021 art gallery is now up with the very first wing open.

nov. 29, 2021 travel essay added, now that i'm back!

nov 16, 2021 button wall completed, added a couple of mini-cliques snagged from key, added the yesterweb to the sidebar, and added mini-clique from dust, a collection of mini-cliques!

nov 14, 2021 about me & link to the museum pages completed

nov 13, 2021 finalized layout and completed welcome page